The Ultimate Music Festival Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again… festival season! Summer has long been the host of music festivals all over the world, and it’s not hard to understand why. With beautiful weather, and (less) responsibilities, summer is the perfect time to let down your hair and enjoy the music. Whether you’re a festival veteran or a novice, this article is a handy guide to all the things you’ll need to make your upcoming festival the time of your life.

Note: These are just for the music portion of the festivals, not camping essentials, which is another list entirely!


  1. Water bottle

Really, a water bottle is just a general life essential, but when it comes to festivals, it’s an absolute necessity. Some festivals don’t allow you to carry in your own water bottles, but most will (dehydration is not conducive to fun times!) So check out your upcoming festival’s website to make sure.


  1. A buddy

Festivals are the perfect place to go with friends! Seriously, it’s at least three days of hanging out, listening to music and meeting new people. You’ll make a lot of memories, so it’s a great idea to surround yourself with awesome people who will make the experience even better.


  1. A camera

(Your cell phone will do!) You’re going to be there for the music, but that doesn’t mean you should leave the camera at home! Taking a few photos will help to preserve the memories forever.


  1. Sunscreen

Some festivals won’t allow you to bring in aerosol containers, but good old liquid sunscreen is a must. Getting a harsh sunburn on your first day can seriously make the rest of the time miserable. So, lather up and thank yourself later.


  1. A blanket or lawn chairs

Or a hammock, if they’re allowed. Obviously the items allowed inside the festival area vary depending on which you’re attending, but you’ll be doing a lot of walking, and having the option to sit during or between shows will make the experience so much better.


  1. Wet wipes

Wherever you’re going, it’ll probably be hot outside. Wet wipes are the perfect way to refresh yourself and get rid of the grease and grime from a long day of hanging out listening to amazing music and working up a sweat while dancing! Bonus: perfect to use in case the port-a-potties run out of hand sanitizer.


  1. A great attitude

Festivals are all about new experiences and enjoying your surroundings. It’s a time where you can forget about reality for a while, and just live in the moment. So let go of your worries and just have an amazing time!


  1. And of course, musical accompaniment.

You’ll need a soundtrack both to prepare, and to reminisce about the awesomeness of your experience, and PlaylistHQ has you covered. You can make your own personalized playlist, or use one of the several pre-made festival playlists and enjoy whenever you want!

 Festival Playlists:

 -Kacey Rainone (PlaylistHQ Intern)

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