Thalia Hall: Andrew Belle and Johnnyswim on June 28th 2014

Directly quoting a lyric from Johnnyswim’s hit song “A Million Years”, the combination of Andrew Belle’s and Johnnyswim’s set at Thalia Hall in Chicago on June 28th , was “all that I have ever wanted” in a concert.

The Thalia Hall show in Chicago that featured Andrew Belle and Johnnyswim celebrated the passion and endearment that life is comprised of. The humbled and down to earth stage presence of Andrew Belle and Johnnyswim created an amicable atmosphere. The riveting show put on by the opener Andrew Belle was harmonious and peaceful. Accompanied solely with his instruments, the raw talent that radiated from Andrew Belle captivated the audience with the enticing melody of ‘The Ladder’, that added to the tranquil atmosphere.

The peaceful atmosphere came to a halt when Abner Ramirez, one of the lead singers of Johnnyswim, sang ‘Pay Dearly’. Dedicating the song to all the wrong and injustice that his father endured during his life, Abner Ramirez sang ‘Pay Dearly’ with vigor and vehemence. Accompanied solely with his acoustic guitar and his wife, the other half that makes up the powerful singer songwriter duo of Johnnyswim, Amanda Sudano, looking endearingly on from the back of the partially vacant stage. The combination of the backstory of ‘Pay Dearly’ and the fervor that was conveyed through Abner Ramirez’s stage presence, was a testament to the raw talent of Johnnyswim.

The media has a responsibility to inform the public when an injustice has been done. At a steal of eight dollars a ticket, I felt like an injustice occurred in the scheme of the viewing the exceedingly talented Andrew Belle and Johnnyswim for a relatively low price. The music industry is in dire need of more concerts where the performers, such as Andrew Belle and Johnnyswim, use the roots of their humbled beginnings to inspire their down to earth stage presence and the lyrics to their captivating songs. The raw talent that was vocalized from both performers should have raised the ticket prices for a Johnnyswim and Andrew Belle’s gig to be priceless.

Grace Farley (PlaylistHQ Intern)


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