Nickel Creek at Taste of Chicago

The rain has cleared and the sun is trying to break through the clouds.  The crowd has weathered the elements and the wait is almost over.  Nickel Creek hasn’t toured in 6.5 years.  Yes, Chris Thile has been touring with the Punch Brothers.  Sara Watkims had also been touring as a solo act.  Sean Watkins has been busy as well. These projects were enjoyable, but always left me longing for the old band to get back together.  The wait was long, and it seems only fitting to throw in the some precipitation at the end to pass just in time for the band to make their return.
As the band takes the stage, the audience greets them warmly. They all look happy. And as Chris explains, he’s happy because the Cubs won. Only 11 more wins and they are up to .500. The band rocks through many of their greatest hits. They also throw in a few new songs which are just as good as the old ones. They still have the touch. In the middle of the set, Chris explains why they had to take a long break. They ran out of instrumental titles, as evidenced by the poorly titled “The Smoothie Song”. But, now they came up with a new one which is fantastic, “The Elephant in the Corn”. They launch into the song, and the title becomes clear during the standup bass solo.
As Nickel Creek closes their set, Chris says its been a pleasure. Chris, the feeling is mutual.


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