Lollapalooza Preview Friday

The week has finally come. It’s Lollapalooza time in Chicago. Grant park is already being prepared for the big three day music festival. PlaylistHQ is here to guide you through the mayhem.

First up are a few concert tips.

1. Wear sunscreen, find shade when possible, and wear a big hat. Lolla is during the hottest time of the year in Chicago and the sun can be brutally hot. Avoid the heat as much as possible to make it though each day.

2. Drink water. Lolla provides many water filling stations across the park. Take advantage of these, it’s one of the things this festival does best. Take note Pitchfork.

3. Don’t plan your whole day. You will exhaust yourself running around from stage to stage. Also, part of the appeal of Lolla is ability to stumble upon bands you wouldn’t normally discover.

Next up, our bands picks.

1. Courtney Barnett – This Australian is quickly rising to fame. Catch her now at a small side stage before she starts only appearing in large venues. Sing along to “Avant Gardener” because we all hate Mondays.

2. Glen Hansard – The star of the Oscar winning film Once ( is playing Kidzapalooza. Most of his songs are quite adult themed, so it’s quite a mystery what he’ll be playing.

3. Broken Bells – What do you get when you mix The Shins and Danger Mouse? An excellent music collaboration that is a must see at this years festival. Since these artists are involved in other projects, you never know when you’ll get a chance to see them together again.

See our Lolla playlists here:


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