Intern Pick! RAC with The Knocks and Speak at Concord Music Hall (November 1, 2014)


This solo project by André Allen Anjos is a live music experience that is very unique. The last time he was in Chicago, RAC played a majestic afternoon set at the Grove at Lollapalooza, impressing all fans from diehard followers to groupies waiting patiently for “The 1975”.

His live sets are unique because he sets a beat to well-known songs, and has a band that plays live instruments to add his own melodic, catchy, and groovy touch. Combining some of his songs that are rapidly gaining popularity (“Cheap Sunglasses”) with remixes of festival favorites from “Sweet Disposition” and “I Wanna Get Better”. His ingenious variety in his sets along with his catchy beats allow for the ultimate feel-good concert experience of dancing and singing along. This is a must-see for Chicago concert fanatics.

The Knocks

Similar to RAC, the Knocks have rapidly gained exposure through remixes. They have used remixes to draw attention to their own produced tunes. They have been named by NME magazine as one of the 20 hottest producers in music, and have shared the stage with huge artists such as Calvin Harris, Two Door Cinema Club, DeadMau5, Tiesto, and more.

This concert will be nothing short of a melodic euphoria. These artists put on fantastic shows that all fans of live music can certainly appreciate.

::Matt Peters

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