Chicago Humanities Fest Review: Rene Marie at Francis W. Parker School (November 4, 2014)

It was a cool evening in Chicago.  Thus, it was very comforting walking in to the Francis W. Parker School and feel the warmth.  That warmth would continue as Rene Marie took the stage.  She began her set singing without the band.  The audience was completely silent and at full attention.  It’s a true joy to enjoy an artist perform without any distractions, and Rene Marie deserved it.

After the first song, the band took the stage and they played through some jazz classics along with originals seamlessly blended in.  This was proven when after one song, she asked who had written the song.  The audience guessed across the spectrum of jazz greats until she revealed that the song was to appear on her next album.

She closed out her set playing the title track from her latest album, I Wanna Be Evil.  It was a fantastic finish, but the crowd wanted more.  So, she played one more song, Santa Baby.  Normally a Christmas song this early in the season would be off-putting, but she pulled it off with a great amount of class, which she displayed in great heaps throughout this great set.


See the preview post here.


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