Review: Graham Colton with Alexander Webb at Schubas (November 8, 2014)

Schubas is one of Chicago’s greatest venues, and Graham Colton knows it.  He tells the audience he always enjoys playing this small intimate venue.  He is also very fond of the time he had to cut his set early and decided to continue by playing on the roof of the tour van outside in the cold.  This set hoped to live up to that story.  He played a few new songs that have not yet been recorded and they easily with fit in with all the songs in his catalog.

One of the best things about a Graham Colton show is the way he connects with an audience.  An example of this is when he tells the crowd he received a message through Facebook requesting “Our Story”. He says he was really moved by the message and he could tell that this was a man in love.  So he dedicated the song to Ashley, from Jacob.  It was a beautiful moment.  Finally it came time when only one song remained.  The fans shouted out their favorites, of which there very many, thus proving he has been touring for quite a while.  He chose “Cellophane Girl” and everyone was happy, as it is clearly one of his best songs.  It left the audience in a great mood for the rest of the night.

Here’s to hoping Graham Colton keeps touring for many years to come.  He has truly become a master of his craft.

See the preview post here.


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