Scars on 45 with Augustana at House of Blues San Diego (December 8, 2014)

It’s the end of a sunny day in San Diego.  Scars of 45 takes the stage and begins playing their style of indie rock love songs.  The combination of a male and a female lead singer works well for this style.  Midway through the set, they challenge the audience to be very quiet so they can come out into the crowd to play a song completely acoustic.  The two singers come out with just a guitar and play in the very center of the floor.  It’s a very intimate moment between band and audience and it works splendidly to gain the full attention of everyone there.  They return to the stage and everyone stays quiet.  The band says it’s no longer necessary to be quiet, let’s get loud.  Then they jump into one of their faster paced songs.

Later on, they tell the story behind Crazy for You.  It’s about friends of theirs in Bradford, England, who had been friends for a long time.  Others had urged them to date but they insisted that they were only friends.  Finally, they went on an official date and it went very well.  Eventually they got married.  And now they are divorced.  “Just kidding,” the bands says; they’re still together.  It’s these stories and the band’s playful nature that make their show such a joy to attend.  Through their near constant touring, they’ve learned all the tricks to put on a great performance.

The headliner for the night is Augustana. They take the stage and immediately launch into their set.  They go on playing song after song without saying anything to the audience.  Halfway through a song, the right side of the audience starts getting loud.  A man drops to his knees and proposes.  She accepts and they embrace while everyone applauds.  Throughout the band plays and smiles as they realize what is happening.  After the song, the lead singer finally breaks his silence and mentions the proposal.  He goes on to congratulate the couple on comment that it’s a really great vibe here on this Monday night.  It’s true, love is in the air.

A few songs later, they play their biggest hit, Boston.  “I’ll get out of California, I’m tired of the weather” they sing.  Augustana is from San Diego, but now they are located in Nashville.  It’s a joy to hear this song and see how it foreshadowed their move out of town.  San Diego is always happy to have them back, and this night was no exception.



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