California’s Premium Reggae Rock: Mad Caddies with The Bunny Gang and The Oles at The Troubador (January 21st, 2015)

The Troubadour is a historic venue where Elton John and James Taylor got their start.  The bands playing there are aware of its great history and are excited to be playing this top five must play stage, according to Billboard.  There is an upstairs area with a few rows of benches and a long table in front of each bench.  This is the perfect spot for enjoying an $8 burger or $9 chicken wings while watching the show.  There is also a separate room at the front with its own bar and band merchandise, in case you need a break from the loud music.  Or, you could buy ear plugs for $2.

First up are local band The Ole’s.  These guys are a new band so they threw in some covers to their set.  They played “Is This Love” by Bob Marley and an excellent version of “California Love” by Tupac.  Their original song, “Goin’ Back To Cali” was also a crowd favorite.  This band shows great potential.  Catch them soon while you still can in small venues.

Next up are The Bunny Gang, featuring Nathen Maxwell from Flogging Molly.  They formed in Southern California, but they moved to Denver to focus on an international platform.  Nathen mentions that three kids and many years ago, he played the Troubadour with Flogging Molly.  Their set is wild and energetic and has the crowd jumping around.  Consider the venue warmed up!

At last, Mad Caddies take the stage.  This is their first show of 2015 and they jump right into it with one of their harder rocking punk songs.  Before long, there is a mosh pit taking up the entire floor all the way back to the bar.  Later on, they slow down the pace with a fantastically catchy pop friendly song, “Shoot Out the Lights.”  To further showcase their versatility, they bring out a banjo.  The lead singer says they wrote one song for the banjo, just like Mumford and Sons, who stretched “one song into an entire album.”  Haha!  They launch into “Monkeys,” a frenzied ska song.  This band is truly a mix of a many different styles leaving the audience guessing at to what type of song will be next.  Thus, when their set ends, the crowd chants “One More Song!” The encore is well deserved and results in one final mosh pit.  Don’t miss these guys as they tour the country, it’s guaranteed to be a crazy party!

Quinn Delaney


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