Tropical Reggae Rock! – The Green with Through the Roots at Lincoln Hall (February 7, 2015)

On a cold winter night in Chicago, locals are looking for an escape.  Through the Roots is here to bring a little Southern California to warm the crowd up.  Listening to their set transports you to a warm and sunny beach in San Diego.  You can feel the sand between the toes as you admire the backdrop of palm trees in front of a sunset.  As they play “Dancing in the Rain” and “Higher”, the audience happily dances along.  Later on, the lead singer asks, “Who loves the 90s?”  He then starts an excellent reggae version of a hit by Ginuwine – Pony, to the delight of all the R&B fans.  They close their set with “Bear with Me”, their newest song produced by a member of The Green.  Their entire set kept a fantastic vibe going the entire time, and perfectly set up the next band.

To continue with the warm vibes, The Green bring a taste of Hawaii to the stage.  As they play through their best songs, such as “Always and Forever”, we are transported 4000 miles away to the middle of the Pacific.  As people dance around a packed Lincoln Hall, the temperature rises.  Every once in a while, the fans turn on, and it feels like an ocean breeze.  The lead guitarist tells us they aren’t used to this frigid weather and that Through the Root’s trailer is stuck in the snow.  He then invites us all to come back to Hawaii with them!  They close out their set with “Love and Affection”, a fantastic reggae groove.  Nobody heads towards the door after they leave the stage as an encore is requested.  They return and play an extended intro to the namesake of this tour, “Chocolates and Roses”.  The lead singer invites a lady on stage halfway through the song and proceeds to serenade her with this jazzy, romantic tune.  She loves it, and so does the entire place.  Through this  90+ minute performance, enough warmth has been shared to get these fans through the rest of this wintry week with smiles on their faces.


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