Immersive Theatre: finding gräfenberg at the Hairpin Arts Center (February 19, 2015)

Welcome to the Hairpin Arts Center! Walk up the stairs or take the elevator to the second floor. Enter a large triangle-shaped room at the intersection of Milwaukee and Kimball with large windows all around. There is no stage, as the play will take place throughout the entire space. Prepare for a unique experience.

Tonight’s play is finding gräfenberg. It’s about a company working on a project called Grafenberg. This is the name of the doctor for whom the G-spot is named. Throughout the play, the coworkers are more interested in each other than the work. Relationships develop and fall apart. Love triangles are formed. Crushes are revealed and passions are ignited.

The acting is very professional and skillful. The characters are well developed and create a very real office environment. Direct interaction with the audience is minimal, but you do feel immersed in the action as it happens all around you. The first scene is especially exciting as the actors step out of the crowd and you try to determine who is in the play and who is just watching. Dress business formal to make everyone think you are an actor.

Towards the end of the action, it’s a nice touch when the scene switches to a holiday party and everyone moves over to the Christmas tree in the corner. The audience is served champagne and the party begins. You feel like you are a new employee in this exciting yet dysfunctional corporation. Want to know what a sexualized 9-5 office job is like? This immersive theatrical production is for you!

Buy tickets here:

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