Upcoming Concert Picks This Week – Hozier, Motion City Soundtrack, Blue Man Group

Feb 25 – 7:30 PM – Riviera Theatre

After an incredible 2014 in which Hozier burst onto the scene, seeing them live would be a treat. The LeBron James beats add no doubt affected them positively and gave them a bit of well deserved time in the limelight. Their almost ethereal sound and deep lyrics make them a treat to listen to and having that experience live would be well worth the money and time.

Motion City Soundtrack
Feb 26 – 6:30 PM – House of Blues – Chicago

Being from Minneapolis, I grew up listening to Motion City Soundtrack, with sounds very reminiscent to my youthful days. Similar to pop punk such as New Found Gory and Good Charlotte, seeing MCS would be a nice present. They have been around for quite some time and seeing them in the historic Chicago House of Blues is an experience I would not want to pass up.

Blue Man Group
Briar Street Theater, Chicago, IL

The Blue Man group is one of the most entertaining acts that I have ever seen. I remember watching them as a little kid and being so mesmerized and lost in the moment that I fell in love with them. I have seen them twice in Chicago before and I would love to see them a third time. Their antics are sure to keep anyone on the edge of their seat and laughing, however do not forget to take some time and listen to their music. The have some really enticing experimental music that is often overlooked by the insane performance in front of you.

Jack Olevitch (PlaylistHQ Intern)


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