Singer-Songwriter Showcase: Get Off The Couch featuring Honey and the 45s at The Hideout (March 1, 2015)

Tonight’s show is Get Off The Couch. Tables and chairs are set up café style for this singer-songwriter showcase. The format is two songs for each singer per round for two rounds followed by the headliner. In essence, it’s a sampler show of Chicago’s talent.

First up is Kristina Cottone of Honey and the 45s. Her vocals are well refined have a sultry touch that open up the showcase on a high note. She sings a new song that even the band hasn’t heard yet. Next is Lee Ketch of Mooner. His best song of the night is “Allison” about a girl he met at church camp. It features catchy riffs and solid vocals. Jess McIntosh of Big Sadie is the third performer to take the mic. She is joined on stage by a percussionist as she plays guitar on her very emotional songs. She plays the fiddle in Big Sadie, but she proves she can play the guitar too this evening. The last of the singers is Eimee Chen of Billie. She sings a song about riding the blue line in February. Tough to make that exciting, but the guitar sounded good.

To close out the night, Honey and the 45s take the stage. It’s quite a change to jump from one person on guitar to a full band performance. They accept the challenge and get the whole place rocking with songs such as “Extra Extra” and “Got the Need”. Soulful saxophone mixed with electric guitar, violin, bass, and drums is fresh for today’s music scene. It’s a perfect combination of blues, rock, and soul that fans of all those genres will enjoy. It’s a fantastic close for this monthly show, which will be celebrating its fifth anniversary in May. It’s shows like this that keep Chicago’s music scene one of the best in the country. Catch any of these acts around town and you won’t be disappointed.

Quinn Delaney


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