Diva with a Guitar: Alabama Shakes with Songhoy Blues at the Chicago Theatre (March 14, 2015)

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Well, it is the Saturday beforehand and that is when the city celebrates. The river is dyed green and the drinking begins early. It’s also Super Pi Day (3/14/15)! And to top it all off, there is a fantastic show at the Chicago Theatre tonight.

Songhoy Blues from Mali open the show. It’s the band’s first trip to the United States and they are having a blast. The band rocks through their set with heavy riffs and smashing drums. The enthusiastic lead singer leaps into the air repeatedly as he dances around the stage. Their energy is infectious and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them headline Chicago’s World Music Fest soon.

Alabama Shakes follow and they jump right into it. A full band is on stage including two keyboard players, a bassist, three backup singers, and a backup guitarist. However, the band’s lead singer, Brittany Howard, controls the spotlight for the majority of the show. Early in the set, Brittany rocks so hard her glasses fall off! This talented singer is especially animated when she puts down the guitar and sings with all her soul, “I Still Ain’t Got What I Want”. Brittany uses the entire stage and dramatic gestures to tear the roof off the building. The roof had to go because the sky is the limit for Brittany Howard.

Quinn Delaney


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