Big Comedy Show! Natasha Leggero, Joe Mande, Chris Trew at Howlin’ Wolf (April 1, 2015)

Chris Trew, cofounder of the New Movement, walks on the stage to open the show.  He welcomes everyone to the Howlin’ Wolf, tells a few jokes, and then introduces the first comedian.  We don’t see him again until the very end of the show, which is a bit unusual for a host.

Natasha Leggero comes out wearing a poncho/blanket.  She comments how many hipsters are in the crowd, but then focuses on the man in the front row wearing a bright pink V-neck shirt.  Every comedian mentions him since he sticks out so much, and he handles it with style.  She says women aren’t interested in macho men like him anymore.  Instead, they are going for the hipster crowd.  Perhaps she is just biased to the comedy scene though.  In reference to each comedian introducing the next, she tells us about the time Martin Lawrence “introduced” her.  When he is told her name, he says, “I’m black, I can’t pronounce that!” So, she yells, “Just say Natasha!” To which he responds, “I don’t work for you!” So after the show, she gives him a W9 and now he does!

Joe Mande is last to take the stage.  He tells us a story about partying in LA.  It’s 1am and the party is winding down when one of his friends yells “Dabs!” Everyone starts chanting “Dabs! Dabs!” His friend pulls out a bong with a metal coil that he then proceeds to heat up with a blow torch.  Once it is glowing orange, they place weed oil on it and inhale it.  The result is getting high really fast.  But Joe compares this to a new form of shitting.  “It’s faster and harder! Who wants that?”

Chris Trew returns to the stage and thanks everyone for coming out and encourages everyone to attend more comedy in New Orleans.  The scene is quickly growing.  Catch a show any day of the week!


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