Sunday Night Pop Punk: Team and Hit the Lights at the Bottom Lounge (April 12, 2015)

To start off their set, the lead singer of Team sings “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, his name is my name too!” . A traditional children’s song is an interesting way to begin and it does bring smiles to the audience.   They continue to rock through their set featuring songs from their latest album, Good Morning Bad Day. They also showed great gratitude for the other bands playing tonight with multiple shout outs.

Next up is Hit The Lights.  They get the crowd jumping with hits such as Drop The Girl and Count It!  It’s a very young crowd at the Bottom Lounge tonight.  Pop punk appeals mostly to the youth in the way that most jazz fans are older adults.  But even the older members of the crowd were dancing to Breathe In.  HTL’s energy is infectious and their live show is a must see!


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