Indie Americana: Andrew Combs at Schubas (April 14, 2015)

Andrew Combs plays a mix of indie Americana and folk.  It’s mostly a slow-paced set and the crowd gently sways along to the music. At one point, Andrew comments, “You guys are so quiet.  I appreciate it, but is everything okay?” By having the stage in a separate room from the main bar, Schubas has created an environment ideal for focusing your full attention on the band.  It’s a music lover’s venue, and thus the artists are sometimes surprised at the undivided attention they receive.  Comb’s music demands full focus as he sings about heartbreak and smoking in Too Stoned to Cry. Throughout the set, a strong dose of rock is added whenever the electric guitarist launches into a solo.  It feels like the underlying strong backbone of the songs surrounded by somber lyrics.   The set ends on one of the more upbeat songs, Emily. Andrew teaches the audience to sing along, and they happily oblige. “E-M-I-L-Y. Why, why, tell me Emily. Women like you are trouble with a capital T!”


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