The Best of Reggae Rock: Iration with Stick Figure at House of Blues (April 17, 2015)

The House of Blues is packed tonight for some reggae rock.  Stick Figure takes the stage and the crowd is soon transported to a tropical beach.  They play Breathe and everyone sways back and forth to the music. This California band knows how to set a groove and keep it going.  They leave the stage with the audience wanting more.

Iration opens their set with Wait and See. This song, along with Automatic, which they play later, are great examples of how they have a more upbeat and pop friendly sound than Stick Figure.  The contrast between the bands is evident yet they share a similar reggae rock backbone. The combination of the overhead lights and the row of bright LEDs behind the band made for fantastic lighting the entire show.

Midway through their set, they pay tribute to reggae history and play a Bob Marley song while the lights change to the colors of Jamaica: red, green, and yellow.  The lights then change to yellow and shades of red to mimic a sunset for Summer Nights.  With the reggae beats and colors, it feels like a Hawaiian beach party, where Iration calls home.

Overall, it was a fantastic night of the best of reggae rock.  Catch this tour when it comes to your town!

Quinn Delaney


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