The Hypocrites Present: Three Sisters at the Den Theatre (April 22, 2015)

Three Sisters does not have a lot of action, but there is a lot of dialogue. It presents a challenge to the acting ensemble as well as to audiences, because in place of conventional action, Chekhov offers a “theatre of mood” and a “submerged life in the text”. “Actors climb up Chekhov like a mountain, roped together, sharing the glory if they ever make it to the summit”, Ian McKellen. There is a touch of color theory as well.  The characters wearing green are greedy.  The ones in red are passionate, and those wearing brown are normal or dull.

Also, the play starts in the middle without much of an introduction to the characters. It’s like arriving in the middle of a party. “A richer submerged life in the text is characteristic of a more profound drama of realism, one which depends less on the externals of presentation” said Styan.

Performances will run at The Den Theatre, 1329 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. Previews: Friday, April 17 at 8 pm, Sunday, April 19 at 3 pm and Tuesday, April 21 at 8 pm. Press Performance: Wednesday, April 22 at 8 pm
Regular Run: Friday, April 24 – Saturday, June 6, 2015. Curtain Times: Mondays, Friday and Saturdays at 8 pm; Sundays at 3 pm. Tickets Prices: $28. Tickets are currently available at


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