Ambient Rock: The Antlers at the Chicago Theatre (May 1, 2015)

Opening a show can be a very difficult task when you are a band with much less popularity than the headliner. The challenge is to win over the audience who likely has never heard your music. The challenge intensifies when you are originally scheduled to play at 8pm, but are then moved to 7:30pm. However, The Antlers are up to the task tonight opening for Death Cab for Cutie. The Brooklyn based band takes full advantage of this opportunity. The band’s ambient rock sound fits well with the large space.

The Chicago Theatre balcony stretches out very far over the main floor. Thus, those standing in the balcony cannot see most of the audience on the floor and vice versa. This theatre design gives the feeling of an intimate show in a large space. It’s not until the crowd cheers that you realize how many people are in the building. This effect allows The Antlers to draw you into their music and in the end won over many new fans tonight!

Quinn Delaney


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