Must-See Comedy! Soul Brother, Where Art Thou? at Second City e.t.c. (May 3, 2015)

A man wakes up from a long night’s sleep.  Another man dressed in all black is shaking around next to him.  The first guy reaches over and taps the man dressed in black who says, “Got me!” It’s at this point the audience realizes the second man is a cellphone and erupts in laughter.  Later on, the cellphone is put on silent and placed at the far end of the stage.  The phone says, “You can’t silence me!” and then proceeds to vibrate across the floor, back to his owner.  This hilarious scene is a fantastic example of the great writing and the excellent physical comedy that this show has to offer.  We’ve all had those times where we feel like our phones just won’t leave us alone.  This scene pairs nicely with a later one that starts with a woman dropping her phone onto the ground resulting in its destruction.  The phone is placed in a casket and a full on New Orleans style funeral procession parades through the audience, led by a trombone player, and followed by the phone’s bereaved owner, wailing in grief.

Later we watch a couple on a first date.  A Greek chorus stands behind the woman commenting on everything her date says and on her reactions.  She tries to be polite while the chorus insists she find out why he is divorced.  The action builds to a surprise twist ending that has the entire theatre laughing.  It’s a fantastic concept that is executed to perfection by talented actors.  It’s no surprise that this new revue from Second City is another must-see production!

Quinn Delaney


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