An Intense Experience: The White Road at the Den Theatre (May 5, 2015)

THE WHITE ROAD is the story of Ernest Shackleton’s attempt to cross Antarctica from sea to sea via the South Pole. The first act is fun and light hearted as we get to know the crew.  To pass the time on the ship, they sing Waltzing Matilda while dancing along and one crew member plays the banjo.  Later on, they have dog sledging races. We see the all-male crew bond and become a solid unit. Their moral is kept high until their ship, The Endurance, is crushed by pack ice at the end of the first act.

In the second act, the crew struggles to get back to civilization.  The action is fierce and intense as they must fight the cold and near constant darkness as they journey north.  They have to make many tough decisions that could mean the difference between life or death.  The audience is on the edge of their seats hoping that everyone will survive. The fantastic set coupled with the lighting and sound effects recreate the harsh environment perfectly.  The acting is also superb, as you can see the struggle to survive on everyone’s faces.  It’s an incredibly gripping experience that tells an excellent story, which is exactly what great theatre strives to do.

Quinn Delaney



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