Guitar Mastery: Davy Knowles at Schubas (July 29, 2015)

Schubas is sold out tonight for a performance by current Chicago resident, Davy Knowles. Davy leads off the evening with a familiar song, Tear Down The Walls. This fantastic rocking blues song was originally released with his band, Back Door Slam. The song features a fantastic solo by Knowles which sets a great tone for the night.

Midway through the set, Knowles announces that it is his fiancé’s birthday. The entire back of the room cheers and points to her after he asks where she is located. Knowles then serenades the crowd and his fiancé with the tune named after her, Amber’s Song. The song is a beautiful track that showcases his softer side. After the song ends, Amber goes up on stage for a warm embrace.

The set continues with Work a Little Harder from his latest album, The Outsider. It’s a bluesy jam that is right in Davy’s wheelhouse. The crowd soaks it in. Knowles mastery of the guitar is on grand display during his energetic set. Don’t miss him live when he comes to town!

Tour Schedule:

Quinn Delaney


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