Unforgettable: Tove Lo and Broods at Concord Music Hall (July 30, 2015)

Last Thursday, I excitedly told my friends I got the chance to hangout with Swedish pop singer Tove Lo. Most of the responses I got were, “Who?”, and I would have to explain that she is the singer of the two hits “Talking Body” and “Habits (Stay High)”. I strongly believe in the near future everyone will know this artist by name. I was fortunate enough to watch Tove Lo’s sound check and eat pizza and have drinks with her before her sold out Lollapalooza after show on Thursday. After that experience, I can confidently say I have never met anyone more passionate about what they do than she is.

Broods, a brother and sister duo from New Zealand, opened for Tove Lo. Georgia and Caleb Nott succeeded in getting the crowd amped up with their synth-pop hits. They opened with “Never Gonna Change”, setting the pace for the rest of the night. Georgia owned the stage with seductive dance moves and her light, airy voice.

Tove Lo broke out into bright lights with “My Gun”, and continued singing nearly her whole album, “Queen of the Clouds”. The lyrics to her songs are filled with her own experiences of love, heartache, sex, drugs, and growing up. Her lyrics and the way she performs with intense passion allows for a deep connection with the artist making the show exciting, emotional, and unforgettable.  The crowd jumped and screamed along with her throughout her entire set, and she thanked Chicago for her happy tears tonight. Tove Lo left the crowd wanting more after closing with “Timebomb”, but unfortunately encore’s just aren’t her thing.

If you want to experience the Queen of the Clouds herself, she will be back in Chicago at The Vic on October 11. Create a Spotify playlist at PlaylistHQ.com and you’ll be ready to sing your heart out with her!

Elyse Link


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