Must-See! : Watkins Family Hour at the Old Town School of Music (August 4, 2015)

Ever wonder it’s like to sit in on a jam session with a group of your favorite musicians? Tonight’s audience is experiencing this right before their very own eyes. It’s the Watkins Family Hour which consists of Sara and Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), Fiona Apple, Benmont Tench, Don Heffington, and Sebastian Steinberg.  With only one album, most of the songs performed can be found on their self-titled release. All five of the members display their talent as lead vocalist as this is a true collaboration of excellent musicians.

One of the best parts of the show is when the band is talking amongst themselves. For example, Sean tells us about watching the Disney film, Robin Hood, when he was growing up. He describes in vivid detail the scene that leads up to the song, Not in Nottingham. While telling the story, he asks what the word is for young rabbits. A few people shout out bunny. He says that he was looking for a more Latin sounding word. In fact, a young rabbit is called a kitten or a kit. It’s this fun interaction that makes the night feel like you are sitting in the Watkins family room as they chat and play their favorite songs.

Sara and Sean sing a couple Nickel Creek songs including Anthony and Somebody More Like You. In between songs they quietly whisper to each other. Sean says, “Sorry, we’re just arguing.” “No, we’re just trying to figure this song out” says Sara. “Just follow your heart,” Sean says and then he resumes playing. This is another display of their fun stage banter followed by a fantastic song. It’s a fantastic evening and truly a must-see live show.


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