Up Comedy Club Gold: Matt Braunger and Sean Flannery at Beat Kitchen (September 17, 2015)

At the Beat Kitchen in Roscoe Village, the host introduces local comedian, Sean Flannery, with delight. Early on, he tells a story about the first time he was in Chicago. His friend was drunk and high in the driver’s seat. A policeman approaches and instructs him to roll down the window. Instead of arresting him for drunk driving, the officer informs him there is a 12-pack of beer on the rooftop and then drives away. The entire crowd laughs and applauds.  Later on he is talking about his children. One of his kids says he doesn’t want to have any children. The 3 year old says he wants to have a whole bunch. Sean says he can’t wait to hold his grandchildren. His 3 year old son then says to him, if you ever touch my kids, I will kill you! It’s this style of funny storytelling that makes Flannery a pro.

The headliner of the night is Matt Braunger, whom used to live in Chicago but now lives in LA. He tells us a surefire way to stop someone from drunk driving. Common sense reasoning and begging from a girlfriend won’t do the trick. Just go up to him and say, “Dude, dude, dude!” and he’ll instantly hand you the keys. This also works as a prank. Go up to a “keg” of bros and start pointing at them one at time saying “Dude!” At least one of them will react as if you told him his dick was hanging out.  Braunger has perfected this bit and the audience is cracking up the entire time. He’s looks like a natural on stage. Catch him at Schubas tonight or see his special, Big Dumb Animal, on Netflix now!

Quinn Delaney

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