DJ Opening for a Band? Quiet Entertainer at Lincoln Hall (September 18, 2015)

Should a one man HipHop, Livetronica, DJ open up for a full band? Can these two forms of entertainment fit the same bill? Tonight they give it a try as Quiet Entertainer opens up for Mutemath. QE begins with some popular songs and then dives into his original music. As QE plays his mixes, he energetically dances to the music. However, despite QE’s best efforts, it is difficult for one person to keep the attention of a large crowd. A screen with visuals synced to the music would definitely help make it a more immersive experience. Also, in order to facilitate the transition to a live band, a member of Mutemath could come out and play live with the mixes. Quiet Entertainer’s enthusiasm is strong and with time, he’ll continue to adapt to be the opener for a rock band.

Quinn Delaney


1 thought on “DJ Opening for a Band? Quiet Entertainer at Lincoln Hall (September 18, 2015)

  1. Quiet Entertainer

    Hey there! Thanks for writing! Glad you enjoyed the show. I mean, I think you enjoyed the show. I feel like I should defend myself here for some reason. I’m opening for a band that has a really involved and intricate stage set up, so I really don’t have the stage space or the time to bring out a screen for visuals or have my own light show.

    And while I’d love for someone from Mutemath to come out and join me for a song or two; I’m on the tour to support THEM, not the other way around. Just by having me out on the road, they are already doing plenty.

    So anyway, I’m so thankful for the mention on this blog! You’ve definitely given me something to think about. I hope to be back in Chicago soon.




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