Top of His Game: Godfrey at Up Comedy Club (September 26, 2015)

Tonight’s Godfrey show is being recorded.  This former Chicagoan chose his hometown, over his current city, New York to film his latest special. Godfrey talks a lot about the experience of being black in the city. He tells the audience someone once described him as being “Regular Black”.  “That sounds like a Crayola color!” he exclaims. Immediately three women walk on to the stage carrying over-sized crayons. They are labeled “Regular Black”, “Oprah”, and “Obama”!

Godfrey’s Obama impressions are spot on. He performs a bit where he explores what it would sound like if Obama suddenly started talking Kenyan in the middle of a speech. The result has the audience cracking up. He also does an excellent impression of his Nigerian father responding to his request to buy $200 Jordan shoes in a deep African voice. “When I was your age, I didn’t have feet! I had to crawl 100 miles to school!” There is an incredibly smooth flow as Godfrey goes from topic to topic. It’s clear from this performance that Godfrey is at the top of his game and will continue to make crowds laugh for many years to come.

Quinn Delaney


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