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Joyous Folk Rock: Skinny Lister at Riot Fest in Douglas Park (September 11, 2015)

Early in their set, Skinny Lister plays Rollin’ Over and the crowd instantly smiles and starts dancing around. It’s a joyous tune that fits perfectly with this sunny Friday afternoon. The band then brings out a giant jug filled with an alcoholic beverage and shared it with the crowd. The drink is quickly consumed by the fans. Later on, the bass player crowd surfs with his huge stand-up bass!  It’s an impressive sight to see. The band plays Seventeen Summers and the audience sways along. It’s a perfect drinking tune to sing along with. Skinny Lister has definitely mastered the folk rock and party atmosphere of a great live show. Catch them on tour now!

Quinn Delaney

Roots Reggae: Tribal Seeds at House of Blues (September 10, 2015)

After Arise Roots and The Expanders perform excellent opening sets, it’s time for the headliner. When Tribal Seeds take the stage, they get the party started and never slow down. The band transitions from song to song smoothly and without a break. They lay down a solid roots reggae groove that has the whole crowd dancing along. It’s a sound that feels more like Jamaica than Southern California. Listen to them on Spotify and catch them on tour now!

Quinn Delaney

5 Highlights of Arcade Brewery Presents Local H at Chop Shop (August 31, 2015)

Local H has been a staple of the Chicago rock scene since the 90’s. Five highlights of their recent show at Chop Shop are as follows:

  1. The music of Local H encourages movement and tonight the crowd is enjoying being part of mosh pits, crowd surfing, and watching a stage diver.
  1. As the band plays hits such as “Hands on the Bible” and “All-Right (Oh, Yeah)”, everyone sings along and pumps their fists to the rocking rhythm.
  1. “California Songs” should be an official Midwest anthem. It puts down the west coast… and New York too.
  1. Local H performs and the movie, Over the Edge, is projected on the wall behind them.  At one point, Scott Lucas pauses and says, “This is my favorite part.”
  1. Playing “High-Fiving MF” brings to mind the Offspring’s “Bad Habit” in terms of the cursing and intensity.

See the full setlist here:

See the preview article here.

Quinn Delaney