Schlocktoberfest! A Killer Komedy Show at Gorilla Tango Theatre (October 3, 2015)

Three men are hanging onto meat hooks on the wall with their hands tied above their heads. Leatherface comes out, grabs one of the men and takes him behind a curtain to remove his face. He then returns and drags the second man behind the curtain to do the same. The third time he examines the last man’s face and decides he doesn’t want it. The man hanging on the wall yells “Hey! I’m much better looking than the second guy! Come back and take my face!” The audience bursts into laughter. Nobody wants to be left out!

What does a burlesque dancing pumpkin look like? She begins by removing her green wig (the stem). She then proceeds to remove an orange feather boa from her shirt (the pumpkin flesh insides). Finally, she removes the rest of her clothes revealing square eyes over her top and a crooked mouth over her bottom like a Jack-O-Lantern. It’s a very clever idea that plays out well within a comedy show. Oh and just in case you ever wondered when exactly a pumpkin becomes a Jack-O-Lantern, “Once the blade hits the rind!”

Catch more of EEK! Theatre Company’s excellent comedic writing and acting in their next show, Zombie Seinfeld, this month at Gorilla Tango Theatre.

Quinn Delaney


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