Mapping Life: Geographer at Lincoln Hall (October 13, 2015)

The lead singer of Geographer, Mike Deni, has a fantastic voice. His smooth and compelling sound is especially apparent when he sings Kites, one of the crowd’s favorites. It’s also a special treat when he breaks out his saxophone for solo performances, which he surprised the audience with during both Geographer’s set and the headliner’s set.

At the end of Geographer’s show, Deni thanked Stars for bringing him on tour for the second time in four years. He says they must have heard something in his sound that really appealed to them. The fans apparently agree, having enthusiastically sung along to another favorite, I’m Ready.

Mike Deni and the band chose the name Geographer because they liked the metaphor of songs being the maps of emotional states. Seeing them live is like getting a first-hand tour of their lives and emotions, with the help of their maps (aka, albums). Suffice it to say, Deni is an outstanding tour guide.

Quinn Delaney

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