All Souls Jazz Festival Featuring Goran Ivanovic Trio, Caroline Baran & The Priority, and FRIENDS at Chopin Theatre (November 9, 2015)

Goran Ivanovic is a master of the guitar. Tonight he displays his expertise and completely captivates the audience. His music is a combination of rock and jazz which is absolutely beautiful. Catch the Goran Ivanovic Trio next performance at Reggies on December 1st.

Caroline Baran & The Priority are one of the fresh new talents to play the festival. The combination of Baran’s soulful voice, Daniel Jonak’s rocking guitar and keys, Michael Brook’s expert Tenor Sax, Michael Salgado’s solid bass lines, and Sam Subars precise drums makes for a band brimming with talent. The band’s cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” is especially fun.

Closing out the night is FRIENDS feat. Jerry Goodman & Adam Czerwinski. Ted Zaczek, the organizer of tonight’s event, says their music is unlike anything played in Chicago before. The band blends jazz, polka, rock, and classical into a whole new genre. It’s a great finale to a night of fantastic music at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago.

Quinn Delaney


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