Peaceful Folk: Get Off the Couch Presents Frances Luke Accord at Hideout Inn (January 3, 2016)

Frances Luke Accord is the youthful duo of Brian Powers and Nicholas Gunty. Together, they present intricate harmonies sung over their precise and delicate guitar-playing, except when Brian strums an acoustic electric mandolin. Among the many original tunes they introduced during their set at The Hideout, they played a medley that began with their own work, slipping seamlessly into Death Cab for Cutie’s haunting “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, “Blowin’ in the Wind”, and Simon & Garfunkel’s iconic “Mrs. Robinson”. It was a charming glimpse into their musical influences which was a perfect fit to their unique musical style.

While playing their opening number, “Over Your Roof,” the audience is transfixed. It is expertly written, with a tapped out rhythmic backbone and dancing melody.  Their music, at times utilizing loops and scratchy mandolin tremolo, bears some resemblance to the folk musician Trevor Hall. They both sing about love and unity which shares similarities to a lot of Christian Rock. The “Accord” in their name refers to the harmonies between Nicholas (“Luke” is his middle name) and Brian (“Frances” is the name of the street he lived on when the band formed).

FLA closes out the night with a beautiful rendition of “The Sound of Silence”. Simon & Garfunkel may be no longer touring, but Powers and Gunty are more than talented enough to take their place. Pick up their latest album, Queen For Me, now!

Quinn Delaney


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