A Hoot! The Heir Apparent at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre (January 6, 2016)

Is there anything funnier than a man dressed up as a woman? The audience laughs hysterically as Crispin (played by Cliff Saunders) portrays Julie, the niece of Geronte (Paxton Whitehead). Geronte is an old sickly man who is about to write his will. During Crispin’s portrayal of Julie as an unworthy heir, Isabelle (Emily Peterson) enters the scene wearing the exact same outfit. Oops! And just when you think the scene couldn’t get any more ridiculous, Eraste (Nate Burger) enters wearing the same pink dress! It’s quite a sight to see, three people wearing a huge elaborate eighteenth-century dress running around the stage and speaking in iambic pentameter. It’s fantastic comedic poetry!

Another hilarious scene occurs as Crispin portrays Geronte writing his will. The will is being written with the assistance of Scruple (Patrick Kerr), Crispin’s very short lawyer. Geronte sleep walks into the room and in order to distract Scruple from seeing him, an elaborate and hilarious dance scene takes place. The fact that this is all occurring on a historically accurate 1800’s set and the actors are speaking in rhymes makes the performance all the more enjoyable. It’s quite a hoot! Catch The Hier Apparent now at The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre through January 17th.

Quinn Delaney



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