Review: Rachel Feinstein at Up Comedy Club (January 8, 2016)

Drew Frees is the feature comedian of the night. He tells us a hilarious story about his students. One of them says to the other, I had sex with your mom last night. The second kid says, “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. You had sex with a crackhead!” All the kids thought this was the greatest comeback ever. On another day, a student tells Drew that he is a Pinocchio-looking motherfucker. “Good,” he replies, “I was wondering what type of motherfucker I am!” Frees’ delivery of these stories is absolutely spot on.

The headliner of the night, Rachel Feinstein, goes in to a story about hanging out with Jenna Jameson. Jenna is staying in the same hotel, so they share a ride to the comedy club. Rachel immediately notices that Jameson is wearing a big puffy coat and fake glasses. “I guess beautiful women need to wear disguises to avoid being attacked in public!” At the club, the opening comedian announces that Jameson is in the crowd. She stands up and does a little dance, which seems a bit odd. Then, Feinstein does a hilarious impression of a porn star’s voice during sex. It’s very high pitched and sounds like a young teenager from Southern California. The audience cracks up every time she uses the voice. It’s the highlight of a very engaging and funny set. Catch more standup at Up Comedy Club all month long!

Quinn Delaney


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