Impressive Set: Treasure Island at The Lookingglass Theatre (January 10, 2016)

Upon entering the theatre, the large ship that will serve as the stage is instantly impressive. It is completely wooden with thick ladders made of rope reaching up to a large mast along the ceiling. In a very exciting scene, the huge ship sways back and forth with the waves as the crew dances and sings. Up until then, it was assumed the set was immobile. It’s quite a spectacle to gaze upon. Also impressive is the massive fight scene that is expertly choreographed and intensely presented.

John Francis Babbo does an excellent job as the lead, Jim Hawkins. For such a young actor, he is very professional. Accompanied by fiddle, guitar, and flute, he sings and dances to the audiences delight. A great performance by Lawrence E. Distasi brings Long John Silver to life and make him absolutely terrifying.  Catch Treasure Island now through January 31st at the Lookingglass Theatre!

Quinn Delaney



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