Andy Dick at Westside Comedy (January 13, 2016)


Andy Dick starts the show by saying he is canceling the show. He says he wanted to just say hi and apologize in person. He goes on to explain the situation. One of his formerly sober friends has started drinking again. It’s gotten to the point where they are considering smoking meth (Andy pointed out that Adolph Hitler frequently used meth too ). After telling this long story, he finally relents that he isn’t cancelling the show.

Next, he introduces a friend that he met at Swingers to come up and do a 5 minute standup set. Afterwards, they sit next to each other and talk about their first and second meeting. As Andy states, it is mostly all about himself. Being on stage is what he needs to do to feel right. See the next casual Andy Dick appearance on January 27th at Westside Comedy.

Quinn Delaney


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