Resurrected! Sublime With Rome at The House Of Blues Anaheim

When a band member dies, it is very difficult for a band to live on. This is especially the case when it is the lead singer, such as is the case with Sublime. However, Rome is up to the challenge of taking Bradley Nowell’s place. As they open with “Date Rape”, it’s clear his voice and guitar playing style are very similar. “Wrong Way” sounds excellent as the entire hometown audience sings along. Sublime lives on!

The band has now released two albums as Sublime With Rome and the sound fits in smoothly with the old songs. The crowd dances around to “Wherever You Go”, the single from 2015’s Sirens. It’s an upbeat reggae rock jam that has a touch of Southern California infused. The massive sing-alongs to “What I Got” and “Santeria” show the lasting power of the old albums. Everyone is overjoyed that Sublime is back and touring again. Catch them on tour soon!

Quinn Delaney


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