A Wild Night! Major Lazor at The Sutton Club

Thousands of people packed into The Sutton Club Wednesday night in Barcelona as they anxiously awaited Major Lazer to come on stage. The night was set off with streamers, smoke cannons, and tons of bass. The tempo of the Major Lazer set was persistent, releasing every song like a series of ripples. With each song filled with high intensity and insane amounts of visual stimulus, it was clear that these guys knew how to party. I was able to recognize most of the songs they played, but even if I didn’t know the song, they did an awesome job of keeping the energy up by throwing in some unexpected elements. For the entire set the crowd kept moving with the lights and the sounds blazing. People were pulling out dance moves I didn’t know existed with the most confidence and boldness I’ve ever seen. Every moment of the night was full of great pleasure and fun. From the opening horn sounds to the closing yells, Major Lazer orchestrated an unforgettable night.

Hailey Reilly


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