Review: SafetySuit at Bottom Lounge (January 29th, 2016)

SafetySuit is out to prove that they are back and better than ever—and after their high-energy performance at Bottom Lounge on January 29th, it’s safe to say the band has done it. After the release of their first album, Life Left to Go, SafetySuit secured a spot in the alternative rock/pop scene. Still, the band seemed to fall off with their 2012 album These Times.

Now, with the release of their newest single, Looking Up, SafetySuit is back. The crowd at Bottom Lounge was surprisingly large for a lesser-known band, but after fifteen minutes it wasn’t hard to understand why. They kept the crowd happy and alive with old hits from their first album, their signature cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, and sneak peeks of songs off their new album, Pause, which was released on February 3rd.

Be sure to keep up with SafetySuit and check out their new album, available on iTunes now!

Katherine Hall


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