Absolutely Fantastic! Guster at The Marquee Theatre (February 9, 2016)

For Guster, who have been a band since 1991, their tour schedule is all about quality of life. The weekend before this Tuesday show they were enjoying a ski trip staying with a billionaire at a luxurious hotel in Park City with free lift tickets and massages.  They were having a great time.  Should they stay and skip the Arizona concert? Only about 350 people showed up to their last show in town several years ago.  “We have to go to Arizona! I got six emails!” says Brian, aka Thunderhands. Decision made!

It was the right choice as The Marquee Theatre is packed tonight. Guster immediately gets everyone dancing around with “Satellite.” After the song, the lead singer begins to tell a story when a single piece of confetti falls from the ceiling. He can’t help but call attention to it. “All we can afford is one piece of confetti! My story can’t top that. I’ll have to tell it later.” It’s this type of improv and charm on stage that makes a Guster live show so great. It’s a celebration of music with the audience, not at the audience.

Later on he asks the crowd, “Have you been the Musical Instrument Museum? It’s fantastic. A visit starts with a video stating ‘Music is the language of the soul.’ And we play music and it’s in our souls!” It’s clear he’s happy they made the decision to come.  The whole band is smiling as they play “Come Downstairs and Say Hello.” The whole building dances and sings along, “tomorrow I start in a new direction!” Then, on “Barrel Of A Gun”, Brian is a frenzy of hands, sweat, and bongos. He’s the strong beating heart of the band and it’s an absolute joy to watch him perform.

Guster isn’t coasting on their laurels. They continue to evolve and play fantastic live shows. Catch them on tour now and check out their new album, Evermotion!

See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney


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