Road Warriors! Ballyhoo! at Gas Monkey Bar N Grill (February 13, 2016)

Ballyhoo! tours like crazy across the United States. All this playing has resulted in a finely tuned live band. Howi leads the group on guitar and vocals with infectious energy. He immediately gets the crowd dancing and jumping along with their new song, “Mixtape”. It’s a great fresh new tune that proves these guys are still making great music after all these years (they formed in 1995).

One of their best live songs is “Walk Away”. It features a fantastic call and response that draws the entire crowd in. “Sometimes it’s easier to walk away (Walk Away!)” To close out the encore at the end of the night, they play “Last Night”. It’s a fantastically upbeat reggae rock jam that serves as a great finale to an impressively high energy set. Catch Ballyhoo! on tour now!

Quinn Delaney

See past setlists here.

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