Indie Rock Review: Daughter at The Metro

Daughter, an indie band from England, is known for their melancholy lyrics on heartbreak and loss. This, combined with frontwoman Elena Tonra’s captivating (and, oftentimes, haunting) voice, makes it hard to look away. Daughter made a big impact in the indie music scene after the release of their first album, If You Leave. With the release of Not to Disappear in January 2016 and the chilling performances they’re delivering on their tour, Daughter is destined to make even bigger waves this year.

On March 11th, Daughter played a sold-out show at The Metro, to long-time fans that clung to every word, even singing along, despite their most recent album being released only two months prior.

“This is about as lively as we’ll get tonight,” Elena laughed as the band dove into “Home”, a song off their 2012 EP Wild Youth. She wasn’t wrong; Daughter is not known for being upbeat, but nobody in the crowd seemed to mind. The energy was high the whole time, so much so that even the band members themselves seemed surprised. The fans, however, were not. Elena’s voice is even better in person, and when accompanied by strong drum and bass rhythms, it isn’t hard to get a bit lost in the moment.

Katherine Hall




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