Quality! The Second City Presents The Laugh Out Loud Tour at Up Comedy Club (March 30, 2016)

“I can’t believe we’re all engaged at the same time!” “It’s not like one of us got engaged and the other two pressured their boyfriends to do the same!” The whole audience laughs and one group near the front laughs the loudest. Must have hit close to home for them! The sketch continues with them discussing their respective proposals. One woman was called to the morgue to identify her dead father. Instead, when she pulls back the cover, it’s her boyfriend with a ring! Another woman describes being kidnapped by ISIS for over two years. When she finally returns, her boyfriend is there to greet her at the airport and he proposes! “Did your boyfriend set up the kidnapping?” “I don’t know!” The night is full of hilarious sketches like this.

This show is performed by the Second City Touring Company which performs shows all across North America. It’s a mix of Second City’s best sketches along with new material often related to current events. One of the best moments is when two long time roommates are saying goodbye because one is moving out. “It’s not a choice to be gay, but if it was, (but it’s NOT), I would marry you!”

Catch a show at Up Comedy Club this week!

Quinn Delaney


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