Dance Party! Mystery Skulls opening for French Horn Rebellion at Empty Bottle (April 2, 2016)

Mystery Skulls may just be one person, Luis Dubuc, but his live show doesn’t feel like it. For example, on “Paralyzed”, he begins by starting the beat on his laptop. He enhances the sound with his mixing board and then he rocks the microphone. The crowd is jumping and singing along. The best part is when the music slows for an instant and he says “Fuck It” quickly before it starts up again. Later on he plays “Magic” (which features Nile Rodgers and Brandy on the album). Everyone has a smile on their face as they happily sing along! “Got me feeling like I’m fallin’ in love!” To close out the fantastic set,  he performs his most popular track, “Ghost”. “This time I might just disappear!” The Empty Bottle has been sufficiently rocked!

Quinn Delaney

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