Riveting! The House Theatre Presents United Flight 232 at The Chopin Theatre (April 7, 2016)

United Flight 232 tells the story of a DC-10 that crash lands at Sioux City Gateway airport. Of the 296 people aboard, 112 perished leaving 184 survivors to tell their story. This is no spoiler. The actors tell us these facts right at the start of the play. This show would fit right in at a museum or on PBS. The events taking place are described in great academic detail. For example, the plane’s components are described in detail, including the number of seats in each section.  Each actor takes on the persona of many different people on the plane. They describe their personal background and then tell their experience.

A popular technique in writing is called “Show, Don’t Tell”. It would have been much more exciting to see the events acted out instead of just being talked about. That being said, it was still a riveting story that brought many in the audience to tears.  It’s a haunting tale of people put in a life threatening situation pushed to their limits.

Now through May 1st, book your ticket for United Flight 232 at The Chopin Theatre in Chicago!

Quinn Delaney

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