Ballet Plus Break Dancing Equals Jookin’! Lil’ Buck at Carolina Performing Arts (April 16, 2016)

What is jookin’? It’s an innovative style of dance that mixes ballet with break dancing. Lil’ Buck is an expert at this style as he glides smoothly across the stage in a modified version of a moonwalk. His body seems to move like jelly as he dances to the music played on a bagpipe, violin, sheng, piano, and tablas. After each number, the crowd at Memorial Hall erupts with joy! He is joined on stage by a fellow dancer that specializes in a similar style called Choppin’. It involves more arm movement similar to a karate chop.

Towards the end of the night, Lil’ Buck shows his flexibility as he contorts his body in an unusual way with his legs wrapping around his head. It’s quite a spectacle to see.

Emil J. Kang, director of the Carolina Performing Arts, welcomed and enlightened the audience that the Carolina Peforming Arts are able to bring world class artists to Chapel Hill that would usually only perform in the largest cities such as New York, DC, and Chicago. Tonight is no exception as Lil Buck proved he is an exceptional talent.

See the rest of Carolina Performing Art’s calendar here.

Quinn Delaney


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