Excellent! The Nether at Manbites Dog Theatre (April 17, 2016)

Is it acceptable to do whatever you please in a virtual world? That is the question posed by The Nether, a play by Jennifer Haley. In the Manbites Dog Theatre production, interrogations take place on the left of the stage in the real world. On the right side is The Hideaway, a virtual world created by Mr. Sims (which alludes to the popular computer game, The Sims). The scenes alternate between these two realities.

The detective insists that what is happening in The Hideaway is wrong and immoral. Mr. Sims agrees it would be horrible in real life but that The Hideaway is a safe virtual role playing environment to explore these dark desires. Without The Hideaway, his clients would commit these crimes in real life. Should places like The Hideaway be shut down? The tension builds and shocking revelations occur that will challenge your thoughts on the subject.

See the expertly crafted production of The Nether at Manbites Dog Theatre and decide for yourself!

Quinn Delaney

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