Ska in the UK! Less Than Jake at the Hippodrome (May 2, 2016)

It’s a Monday night in Kingston, just outside of London, and it is packed house. It is May Day after all! It’s a young crowd that quickly gets rowdy when they play “Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts”. A decent mosh pit forms up close to the stage. Also early on, the band pulls up a 15 year old kid on stage. They comment how they are too old to have his haircut and that he should be grateful he can have medium length hair now. They allow him to watch the rest of the concert from on the stage!

In the middle of the set, one of the lead singers asks the crowd if they are too old for a circle pit. They respond by launching a massive one during the next song. Less Than Jake may have been around 24 years but they still put on a fresh energetic show.  The talking between songs is one of the best parts of the show. “Don’t throw shoes! It chipped my tooth. However, if this is the cost to do what I love for a living, it’s still worth it!”

To close the night, they pay tribute to their hometown, Gainesville, FL, USA. They invite everyone to come to their Wake N Bake Weekend in September. Then, they rock out with “Gainesville Rock City”. The crowd sings along: “All my past mistakes and every misspent day. I wouldn’t have it any other way!” It’s a perfect ska song and sends the audience out onto the streets with smiles on their faces. Catch Less Than Jake on Warped Tour this summer!

Quinn Delaney

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