Hilarious! A Farewell Dinner at Theatre Edouard VII (May 7, 2016)

A Farewell Dinner is the hilarious story about a couple (Pierre and Clote) throwing a final dinner for their friend, Antoine. Only, Antoine isn’t moving away; they just want to spend more time alone as a couple without friends. The play is spoken in French with English surtitles. This sets up an interesting moments when parts of the audience laugh at different times. For example, Antoine is telling the story about what his therapist said to him in German. A few people understand German and laugh right away. Then, the English translation is shown which causes more of the audience to laugh just before they finish saying it in French and then finally everyone is in on the joke. The process of reading the surtitles is a bit difficult at first, but eventually it becomes second nature.

Perhaps the funniest scene is when Pierre and Antoine switch clothes to understand each other’s perspectives. And they really do swap all their clothes while hiding behind the couch. Pierre makes it very clear he is uncomfortable with this to hilarious effect. Pierre then goes on to impersonate Antoine which has the whole crowd laughing. “It’s a long story, and I’ll make it very long”. (Antoine had said he would make it short, but he didn’t).

The entire performance was fantastic. The actors became the characters expertly and developed them into fully realized people on stage. All of their comedic chops are spot on. Some of the French references may be lost on foreigners, but the heart of the story applies to all cultures. It’s an excellent choice of entertainment for English speaking visitors and French speaking ones too. Get your tickets now for A Farewell Dinner through June 24th!

Quinn Delaney

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